Biodiversity – overview

Biodiversity is the incredible, dizzying variety of life that surrounds us, including all of the earth’s plants, animals, their habitats, and the natural processes that they are a part of. [1]

The concept includes every species of bacteria, virus, plant, fungi, and animal, as well as the diversity of genetic material within each species. It also encompasses the diverse ecosystems the species make up and the ongoing evolutionary processes that keep them functioning and adapting. [3]                                                                                                                                       biodiversity

The natural world – biodiversity – provides us with food, materials and energy. We eat animals and plants; insects pollinate many of the foods we consume; microbes in the soil provide the nutrients the plants need to grow; vegetation and soil biodiversity reduce flooding and release clean drinking water; vegetation soaks up a substantial proportion of the climate warming carbon dioxide gasses that we emit. The list goes on and on. [2] Continue reading


GROUND Water scarcity

This is a LONG post. It’s an BIG issue.

Nearly 20 years after the World Bank began warning of a looming water crisis, the combination of a surging population, a growing global middle class and a changiwater scarcityng climate is straining water supplies

“Humankind is running out of water at an alarming pace,” Peter Brabeck, chairman of Nestlé, says. “We’re going to run out of water long before we run out of oil.” Continue reading