Thinking about oil

slaves 2

Today’s energy supply is equivalent – in energy terms – to 22 billion slaves working around the clock. We’re living with this enormous stock of slaves working for us – in the form of oil – but by the end of this century, there aren’t any more of them.

That’s a huge change we’re facing, it effects just absolutely every aspect of the modern world. [1] Continue reading


GROUND Water scarcity

This is a LONG post. It’s an BIG issue.

Nearly 20 years after the World Bank began warning of a looming water crisis, the combination of a surging population, a growing global middle class and a changiwater scarcityng climate is straining water supplies

“Humankind is running out of water at an alarming pace,” Peter Brabeck, chairman of Nestlé, says. “We’re going to run out of water long before we run out of oil.” Continue reading

Population growth

Population growth is an issue that transcends age, race, religion and borders. It touches on every environmental issue facing our planet — clean water, energy usage, public lands and wilderness use, endangered species, raw materials and food. 

A growing population in a habitat with diminishing resources is not only detrimental, but is deadly.[1] Right now, world population stands at 7.3 billion and while experts used to believe it would level off at around 8-9 billion, there now seems to be no end in sight. Projections are for 11-12 billion humans by 2100.  population Continue reading