Food and energy


organic vs. industrial cropped

The challenge of ensuring future food security is compounded by the ecological and resource threats intertwined with that of peak oil; …. climate change, population growth, projected peaks in other fuel sources (e.g., coal, natural gas, uranium), soil depletion and contamination, water shortages, and urbanization. [1]

petrol & food

Petroleum use in the industrial food system before peak oil.

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The carbon footprint of silicon solar panels

Putting up huge numbers of solar panels every day could help address the world’s energy crisis. ‘If you want to solve big problems, then the scale of whatever you are doing is also likely to be big, and so is any waste you generate,’ explains Frederik Krebs who led a study at the Technical University of Denmark. ‘This should therefore be part of your thinking when you are developing something.’ [1]

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Clean energy vs. oil


 When oil prices fall, low-carbon sources of energy such as wind and solar power may seem less attractive to investors, creating doubts about the pace of the world’s transition to clean energy.

Some renewable energy projects which aren’t completely bedded down are certainly … delayed but at the same time, (the low oil price takes) off the market very expensive oil projects. Tar sands and exploration in the Arctic have become less attractive due to the oil price crash. [1] Continue reading